Update, and what to do now…

June 16, 2009

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and assistance.

DBPanierDaniel’s bicycle and helmet were found locked near the Hyannis Pt entrance to the Baden Powell Trail (lower Seymour area), as if he walked from there. Daniel may have taken his blue, top-loading mec bike panier (pictured here) with him.

North Shore Search and Rescue teams searched the area around the bicycle on Friday and Saturday (June 12 and 13), and friends and family continued searching and putting up posters on Sunday and Monday (June 14 and 15). Almost everyone we met on the trail was already aware that Daniel was missing – your help spreading awareness has been invaluable.

Our sense now is that we have done what we can with active searching. If you are out on the North Shore, continuing to spread awareness and keep an eye out is helpful, but please don’t disrupt your life to go there. Above all, please remain safe.

We have updated the poster online (https://josieshoes.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/danielhughesposter2.pdf). Printed posters are no longer available for pickup. If you walk by a poster, it may be worth writing on it that the bicycle was found in the lower Seymour area, and that Daniel may have a blue panier with him.

Loving, kind thoughts are also helpful.
Thanks for all.
Our family


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